Onsite Training

I offer training to professionals, businesses and individuals! Businesses benefit from their choice of Life Skills training.


Ethics without action is just talk!
This workshop addresses critical aspects of the SACSSP Ethical Code and also explores relevant ethical dilemmas which social workers experience on a daily basis. This is a practical workshop where attendees will not only be equipped with knowledge and skills with regards to ethics and ethical dilemmas, but also get an opportunity to improve critical thinking skills and self-awareness.

Family Group Conference!
This training focuses on conflict between family members and family members who refuse to take responsibility in the service delivery process. The FGC process is effective with a variety of cases including foster care/ permanency planning, restorative justice cases, children with behavioral problems, substance abuse cases, persons with disabilities and many more. If you are exhausted from clients who wants to make everything your problem, you will benefit from this!

Emotional intelligence in the workplace!
This training explores aspects of emotional intelligence which are relevant in the working environment. These skills are being explored and practiced during the workshop. This training has a "care for the caregiver" aspect to it. In the event that you are exhausted, feeling less motivated and need a break - this one is for you! It includes lots of activities and also some arts and crafts.

Practical approach to presentations!
Do presentations make you nervous? Are you someone who does not like it to do public speaking? Do you have no idea how to start? Then this training is for you! This training covers planning for your presentation and the successful implementation thereof. Excellent tips on how to manage those nerves!

Psycho-social wellbeing in retirement!
Retirement is marked as the 10th most stressful life event and studies have found that retirement leads to a decline in mental health. This training will empower you with practical skills to assist patients before / during retirement in order to improve their mental health. The training is practical and has activities to practice these skills.